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Once upon a time ...

... I had a dream to write a general 8 bit computer emulator software. During the years I had too less time to work on it. Nowdays, specific emulators of the systems I wanted to emulate evolved to a point which is even more than enough, so there is no point to continue, especially because my work was in very early stage only.

Just to be even more confusing I also had another project before nemesys called xepem, which wanted to be a Unix/X11 based Enterprise emulator (XEPem - X EnterPrise EMulator). I quickly shifted the project to form "nemesys" with more machines to be emulated (not only Enterprise).

YapeNG was a fork of Yape (see below) what I wanted to merge into nemesys project.

NC64 was a try to write an ncurses based C64 emulator :) I had the plan to integrate into nemesys, so every emulated machine could work in ncurses mode! Of course it's quite useless unless you are a developer for C64 and not interested in gfx/audio etc capabilities but you want a minimal emulation with great speed.

I don't even have the old site anymore, but you can try to mine information from archive.org.

Ok, some specific reasons to stop working on this:

Anyway, in the hope it can be useful, I include some information here which was part of the documentation of my emulator project(s). Unfortunately many documents are missing now and I can't find it in any of my backups, but here are what I could save and/or external links:

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